The BAC supports the following projects with financial and hands-on contributions:

(ambulante Sozialpädagogik Charlottenburg) Kultur für arme Familien

They work with children of psychologically ill parents.

Kinderschutz-Zentrum Berlin e.V.

A refuge center for abused and traumatized children and the Early Prevention of Violence in the Family Groups for parents of babies and young children.

Ronald McDonald House

A home away from home for relatives of severely ill children, during their hard times of suffering. The BAC has taken over the “Patenschaft” of one of the apartments. Volunteers cook for the families several times a year.

City Station Homeless

Berlin’s homeless receive warm clothing and special support for urgently needed equipment  and wrapped Christmas presents.

 KuB-Young People’s Advice Service

BAC supports street youths’ projects,  basic necessities and a theater project, among others.

“Lesepaten” and School Libraries

Education is one of the BAC’s major concerns. We have volunteers who give first and second grade children  reading lessons, and the club gives financial support to enlarge the stock of reading material in school libraries.

Spastics Home “Cooperative Mensch”

Apart from the financial donations for special purposes and trips, the handicapped children and adults respond lovingly to regular visits.

Virchow Clinic

In the children’s ward the newborn babies, many born prematurely, are held and cuddled, relieving parents who are often unable to adequately care for them.

Reinickes Hof Selbsthilfe

Neighborhood support for the elderly organized by volunteers and based on donations.